Table of Contents

Madrid - Palacio Real

Madrid – Royal Palace

Foreword: the how and why of this guide
1. Spain 1978, or the uses of fear
2. Triunfo : Democracy inside a dictatorship
3. No end to history: Franco ́s far from peaceful finale
4. The joy of freedom and laughter
5. Welcome, Mister Marshall . The u.S. In Spain
6. A Latin­American literary boom
7. Mogambo , or mother church is watching you
8. Spain goes to the movies: Buñuel, etc
9. History in exile: Sanchez­Albornoz vs. Americo Castro
10. Nights in the gardens of Spain
11. The second republic, 1931­1939: Spain ́s third revolution
12. Pablo Picasso and company
13. Morocco, a special neighbour
14. Platero and i, the color of modernism
15. The consistent neutrality of contemporary Spain
16. Castile in history and literature
17. The “tragic week” and the crisis of the restoration
18. The generation of 1898
19. Menéndez Pelayo and Neo­Catholicism
20. Cuba: admiral Cervera obeys orders
21. Isaac Albeniz: new impressions of Iberia
22. The Catalan protest
23. La Regenta or the essence of restoration Spain
24. Spanish America re­discovered
25. Cuba and the abolition of the slave trade
26. Carmen or romantic Seville
27. Independent Cartagena and the “glorious revolution”
28. 28. Karl Christian Friedrich Krause and education
29. Perez Galdos falls in love with Madrid
30. Tales of the Alhambra: The romantics in Spain
31. Many constitutions, one monarchy
32. Zarzuela, the Spanish operetta
33. “Come back tomorrow!” Mariano José de Larra
34. Finding a general behind every bush
35. The force of destiny: Romantics of Spain
36. A Spanish economic miracle?
37. Nation­building in contemporary Spain
38. The foreign adventures of General O’donnell
39. Carlism, the long civil war
40. Geopolitics of Spanish American emancipation
41. Chateaubriand and the sixty thousand sons of Saint Louis
42. The rebellion of Spanish America
43. In Vienna, Spain does not dance
44. Cadiz, city of light and enlightenment
45. Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain?
46. Francisco de Goya and the disasters of war
47. Jose Blanco white, or the outcast
48. Echoes of the french revolution
49. Lugubrious nights, the first romantic novel
50. Spain and the independence of the United States
51. Alexander Von Humboldt meets Jose Celestino Mutis
52. British Havana, 1762­1763
53. The roots of flamenco
54. Gibraltar ́s great siege, 1779­1783
55. The holy week mutinies in Madrid, 1766
56. Italian art invades bourbon Spain
57. The war of Jenkins ́ ear or war of the “asiento”
58. Beaumarchais spends an eventful year in Madrid
59. The origins of Latin American revolutions
60. Light Enlightenment reaches Spain
61. Traces of Spain in Vienna
62. Music of chance: The war of Spanish succession
63. The decline of habsburg Spain
64. Machiavelli in Spain: Gracian and Quevedo
65. Parallel lives. Olivares and Richelieu
66. Diego Velazquez, a solitary bird in the court of Philip IV
67. French Catalonia, 1641­1652
68. Portugal and Spain
69. Miguel de Cervantes: a hero ́s life
70. Don Quixote and Sancho: reading between the lines
71. Spain in the Thirty Years War, 1618­1648
72. Miguel de Molinos and other saints and heretics
73. The moriscos are expelled from Spain
74. The frigid beauty of el Escorial
75. Lepanto and the Spanish Armada
76. Antonio Perez, Philip ii and the kingdom of Aragon
77. Lope de Aguirre writes to King Philip ii
78. New people from a new world
79. Don Juan or spiritual decadence
80. Madrid, the modest capital of Spain
81. The greek master of Toledo
82. Honour in the Spanish theatre of the golden age
83. Nuñez de Balboa and Magellan discover the Pacific ocean
84. Pirates and privateers in Spanish history
85. Paupers and pícaros
86. Emperor Charles and his Habsburg inheritance
87. Teresa and John, mystic saints of Castile
88. Charles v and his bankers
89. Protecting the Indians of America
90. Poetry in Renaissance Spain
91. Charles in Italy and Erasmus in Spain
92. 92. Tomas Luis de victoria and the music of the Renaissance
93. On feudalism in America
94. Monarchia Hispanica: Isabella makes her choice
95. La Celestina, Castilian society in conflict
96. Early quarrels over Gibraltar
97. Columbus and the new world
98. The pope divides the Atlantic between Spain and Portugal
99. The Law of Nations goes west
100. Sepharad, Sepharad!
101. Ferdinand and his ambassadors
102. Between Europe and America: The Canary Islands
103. A tale of two cathedrals
104. Al Andalus: Islam in Spain
105. Alfonse x: Roman Law and royal power
106. The book of good love
107. The crusade of the Christian Kingdoms
108. Compostela, portico to eternity
109. The Kingdom of Aragon in the Mediterranean
110. The Visigoth Kings
111. Cantabria delays the pax romana
Epilogue: Tartessos and before

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